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During my internship at Nabu Casa in the first half of 2021, I focused on energy management for your house, how to collect all energy data and display it on a dashboard. Since Home Assistant release 2021.8 it's possible to use the Home Assistant Energy dashboard to display your energy usage. Unfortunately, not everyone has a smart meter and/or is equipped with a P1 port. This is where the Home Assistant Glow comes in!

What is this thing?

Home Assistant Glow makes a (not so) smart meter without a P1 port easily readable, using the pulse LED that is always present in most cases and it works with ESPHome! To neatly hide it all in your meter cupboard, a case has been designed that you can 3D print yourself.

How do I know if my meter is supported?

To make sure your meter will work with the Home Assistant Glow, you have to look for the imp/kWh rate on your meter (see picture). Make a note of this value because you may need it later when configuring your device.