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Renaming the Device

By default, the name of your Home Assistant Glow in Home Assistant is home-assistant-glow-XXXXXX, where XXXXXX is derived from the MAC address of the device. This is not very descriptive, so you can change it to something more meaningful.

In the Home Assistant UI, navigate to your Home Assistant Glow by going to Settings > Devices & Services > ESPHome, then select your Home Assistant Glow. You can also click the my badge below to go directly to your ESPHome devices overview page:

Open your Home Assistant instance and show an integration.

On the device's page, press the pencil icon in the top-right to edit the name.

After you've changed the name, click on Update to save the changes.


Home Assistant may ask if you want to rename the entity IDs as well. If you don't already have automations, dashboards, etc. using the entity IDs, it's probably a good idea to do that now so the entity IDs are more readable. But if you already are using the entity IDs in other places, you can opt not to rename them, and just change the name of the device.